We serve utilities

and their customers

We serve utilities and their customers


Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs)

Investor-owned utilities play a pivotal role in advancing electrification, energy efficiency, and demand response programs. These initiatives are crucial for aligning with both regulatory objectives and corporate strategies. 

But let’s be honest. Effectively managing and implementing modern reward distribution programs is a challenge that can detract from your primary operations. This is where Choice Digital steps in. Our sophisticated software, systems, and processes are meticulously designed to simplify reward management, while also enhancing customer satisfaction, bolstering your brand, and achieving your program goals. You’ll also gain regulatory assurance that program dollars are reaching every deserving customer.

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Municipal Utilities

Municipal utilities have a unique obligation to the communities they serve. Customer trust and goodwill are paramount, outweighing external pressures such as shareholder demands. Timely and successful payments and rewards are key to fulfilling a muni’s obligations. 

Choice Digital specializes in providing municipal utilities and their customers with innovative payment solutions within an exceptional user experience. Our goal is flawless delivery. We help you elevate your brand and reinforce community goodwill through superior customer interactions.

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Electric Cooperatives

Electric cooperatives offer a range of financial incentives for member options and activities, including load management, capital credit returns, member appreciation, and youth tours.

With cooperative staff shouldering multiple responsibilities, there can be little time to ensure members enjoy seamless, modern payment solutions and experiences.

Choice Digital provides a branded, up-to-date disbursement experience tailored for cooperatives that is aligned to the 7 cooperative principles. Our solutions tie your brand to an excellent member experience, reflecting the regard in which you hold the communities you serve.

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Aggregators of Utility Programs

Aggregators play a critical role in the execution of regulated electrification, energy efficiency, and demand response programs. Choice Digital empowers aggregators with advanced software and procedural tools that not only refine their services, but also introduce modern, engaging payment experiences. Through offering multiple payment methods and options, as well as additional tools, our platform ensures the complete delivery of utility incentive dollars. Delight customers and enhance your clients’ brands with engaging, seamless  experiences.

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