Simplify processes


Cut costs


Ensure payment

With products informed by deep knowledge of utility needs, Choice Digital’s secure payment software provides the options that maximize both  payment and efficiencies, while minimizing operational expenditures.

You’ll waste no time since setting-up our intuitive plug and play software takes no more than two weeks and requires no IT resources. Import your data via APIs, SFTP/Flat files, or direct in your app.

You’ll also gain searchable, downloadable reports show who was paid, when, and the method of payment. Workflows even enable follow-up for non-responsive customers, or reminders for customers to redeem to help ensure they get what they’re owed.


Simplify the payment process with SurePay One

You choose the payment method your customers receive. We work with you to configure a uniform disbursement program for direct payments that best suits your needs.



Enable straightforward disbursements with 100% deliverability with SurePay Direct

You select a direct payment type, like a digital prepaid card. We deliver the card and then follow-up to maximize customer engagement and take the necessary steps to ensure payment.



Maximize choice for your customers with SurePay Choice

Customers choose from a client-selected list of payment methods that can include a physical card, digital card, paper check, Venmo, PayPal, or merchant card (Amazon, Home Depot, etc.). We take the necessary steps to ensure payment.



Modernize your capital credit return distribution with SurePay CCR

Increase the number of credit returns successfully delivered, while enabling
customers to choose their preferred method of payment. Leverage proven follow up methods to ensure delivery.


Modernize your payment experience

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